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10/21/2020 Radio Press Release: Thank You for Sharing "Covered"

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Taylor Vaden


I stand in the place

That’s COVERED in the shadows of Your feathers

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to all stations that have added “Covered” and kept it in rotation! You have been a great help in spreading this song and encouraging people all over the world!

Since the radio release, “Covered” has seen a spike in streaming around the globe including the United States, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and more. In addition, “Covered” was added to the Switzerland based playlist on Spotify; The Chilled Christian by Radio Life Channel and has received great feedback.

Along with the radio release, a social media campaign was implemented on Taylor’s platforms that invites people to share their own stories of how God has covered them not only during this season, but in seasons past. Some of the testimonies have been shared through “Covered” themed posts using the hashtag #CoveredTestimony to help reach and provide hope for others.

One of many testimonies that have been shared comes from Brittany in NC:

“Within the past six months I have realized: God loves me no matter of my past. God has a purpose for me. God has deemed me worthy. Everything happens on Gods timing and not our own. God is always there for me. God can and has performed miracles. God is comfort. God is love. God is peace. God has got us covered, no matter what. Trust in Him and everything will turn out exactly how it should. Even during a pandemic such as this, I know that I have faith over fear and anywhere I go, I am covered.”

“I hope that you and your family have felt and continue to feel God’s protection and peace during this time we have all faced. I continue to pray for the ones that have been affected in a negative way due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” – Taylor

If you haven’t already, check out “Covered” today and for more information on Taylor, please visit!

“Taylor has this clean vocal sound and there is a real elegance to his singing style - this comes over particularly well in the beautiful track 'Covered', his vocals work so well on tracks like this. I actually think this is where Taylor is at his best, and with this song everything seems to fit together perfectly.”

– Jono Davies/Louder Than the Music

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